First … let’s defineSocial Purpose

Social Purpose is your company’s reason for existing. It is your ‘why’ above and beyond making profit and becomes your ethos. When positioned at the core of your business it acts as your ‘north star’ to guide business decisions and the difference you want to make in the world. 

Whether you’re striving to create social, environmental, economic or humanitarian change, Social Purpose is the foundation of your roadmap to achieve it. When your Social Purpose is baked-in to your company across all operations, everyone knows it, feels it, and sees it.

Social Purpose helps you tackle issues important to you, placing purpose and impact at the heart of your business. Forward-thinking businesses recognize they must exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. 


This course is perfect for the solopreneur wanting to develop Social Purpose and embed social good best practices in their business. 

Established businesses are better suited for our full immersive
Social Good Academy training program.

In this group 10 week immersive, live online training course, develop the ethos for your business. Learn to define your why, values, vision an purpose; then align a cause, develop a contribution plan, how to partner with a non-profit, and amplify impact. 

The course is your Playbook for impact. You’ll gain:


Personal purpose 


Clarity on your ‘why’


Cause sweet spot


Core values


Business purpose


Sustainable Development Goal alignment




The cause that fires your soul


Your impact story


Alignment to a  charitable partner

Let’s expand on what you’ll gain …

Clarity about your values, passions, and ‘why’ 

Development of your impact story

A Personal Purpose statement and a Business Purpose statement 

Defining the cause that lights you up and fires your soul – that thing your business can champion. And the cause sweet spot – the part of the problem you are uniquely positioned to help solve. 

Knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and how your impact fits. 

A vision and commitment for the impact you have yet to envision, making it easy to say yes to opportunities that are in alignment with your impact roadmap.

Knowing you are part of the solution. You’re helping to solve some of our most pressing social, environmental or economic challenges.

Sisterhood & community in a small cohort of like-minded social entrepreneurs learning together, building trust and rapport and supporting each other in your social impact journey..

Recognition. Proudly display your Social Good Academy graduate badge and move toward becoming Business 4 Social Good certified.

Training support. We’re committed to ensuring your success. 

Confidence that you’re learning social impact best practices.

What’s included inenrollment?


Weekly live, online sessions for 10 weeks.


Step-by-step lessons with Deb and the faculty.


Learning portal with workbook and all training materials so you’re prepared for each training session.


Office hours with our incredible instructional team throughout the course at key decision points to ensure your success.


Access to recordings from learning sessions available on-demand.


Your personal social impact roadmap to start creating impact today, tomorrow, and long into the future.


Private Facebook group to deepen relationships and share information between participants.


Sisterhood! One of the greatest benefits is your own community of social entrepreneurs learning together, building trust, rapport and support. 

The Benefits of Clear Social Purpose

The benefits of having a clear and defined social purpose.

Learn why a Social Purpose is important to your employees, customers, and community. 

Your playbook unlocks real change to:

Make profit WITH purpose.

Be a champion on an issue that’s important to you in your community or around the world.. 

Build customer loyalty with existing or new customers.

Develop a partnership and align with a non-profit or charity that is working on the issue you are impassioned to help solve.

Contribute toward the Sustainable Development Goals and know you’re helping to solve the most pressing issues of our time. 

Stand out in your industry and create differentiation between you and your competitors.

Connect on a deep impactful level in your community by amplifying the organizations that are helping to solve the problem you’re impassioned to help solve.

Meet yourFaculty instructors

Social Purpose

Next cohort – Feb 8, 2023

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*or 3 equal payments of $350 by request

Money Back Guarantee

We know that the Academy training and supportive community will be a great fit for you, and for the impact you have yet to envision. If for any reason, the training is not what you expect in the first 30 days, we will refund your full tuition. 

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