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Phone: 250.818.7363

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Signature Keynotes

  • How Higher Purpose Helps Build an Ethical Business, Makes More Money + Reaches New Customers
  • Women Driving Global Change: Leveraging Sustainable Development Goals for Purpose-Driven Business
  • Beyond Philanthropy: How Businesses Can Drive Positive Change + Build Resilient Communities

Signature Workshops

  • The Power of Personal Purpose for Business Owners
  • 4 Steps to Identify the Cause Your Business Can Champion
  • Amplifying Social Impact through Collaboration and Partnerships

Suggested Interview Questions

  • How and when did your entrepreneurial journey begin? How many business enterprises have you owned?
  • Why is the notion of ‘doing good’ important in business? How does it help a business be more profitable and successful?
  • How is philanthropy different from social good and social impact?
  • Can you demystify some of the ‘social terms’ – social purpose, social impact, social good, social enterprise, and social investing?
  • How does a business get started with social impact?
  • How can a business balance making a profit and having a positive impact on society?
  • How can a business that has sustainable business practices ensure the long-term impact is positive?
  • What do you mean by a company focusing on people, planet, purpose and profit?
  • We’ve heard about ‘purpose’ in business. How does purpose benefit a company, or its stakeholders, customers, employees and the community?
  • What do the Sustainable Development Goals have to do with a business, and why should a company care?
  • There are so many world issues or issues in a community that need to be solved. How can one person make a difference?
  • Why does your business advocate for ending human and sex trafficking?

“Deb’s professionalism, personality and welcoming delivery put the learners at
ease instantly; there was an immediate ‘trust’ factor established. Deb comes
across as genuine, authentic and someone who ‘walks her talk’. This immediately
created a rapport in the classroom. I would highly recommend Deb. She’s an
absolutely timely and on-point facilitator for any business classroom.”

Rita Egizii, Associate Faculty, School of Business, Royal Roads University

Speaker Request Form 

“Deb is an engaging speaker with the ability to connect easily with others. Her
passion shines through as she shows entrepreneurs how they can integrate social
impact into the DNA of the business. Deb’s presentation was rich with information
about the Sustainable Development Goals, and evidence of the value of social impact.
Her framework, wisdom and stories stimulated great discussion. I would highly
recommend Deb as a knowledgeable presenter and speaker.”

Pamela Thompson, BN, MSc, President, Female Wave of Change Canada

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