Social Good Academy

The Social Good Academy will help you develop a social impact roadmap for your business. The next cohort opens Fall 2022.

The Social Good Academy is an immersive, interactive experience created by Business 4 Social Good for conscious female business owners in Canada. Together we’ll create a roadmap for the social impact you have yet to envision.

What does the Academy involve?

  • 12 weeks of training, delivered live, virtually
  • Cohort-based (small groups) of no more than 6 businesses with a collaborative peer approach ensures a superior learning experience.
  • Expertly facilitated and taught by our faculty who are industry professionals, with our proven process. 

The Academy provided a safe and confidential space to learn, be vulnerable and show up with our wholehearted selves. The Academy has given me clarity that I don’t think I would have come up with on my own. It’s been a fascinating, enlightening, inspiring journey for me personally and it feels like it’s only just begun. ~ Deborah LeFrank, Visual Life Stories

What do youget?


You’ll have a greater sense of clarity about your business goals, direction and impact you desire. You will move forward in your business with renewed purpose, clarity, alignment and the ability to easily say no to opportunities that are not in alignment with your roadmap.


You’re in a small cohort of like-minded social entrepreneurs learning together, building trust and rapport and supporting each other in your social impact journey by sharing experiences along the way.


You’ll get a deep knowing about yourself and your business, developing the Social Purpose for your business.


You’re supported in the training. This is not self-paced where you’re handed a book and expected to learn it! We’re holding your hand and navigating with you helping you learn social impact best practices.


You’ll be implementing as you learn, so by the end of the course, you will have the tools to be up and running as a social good, social impact business.


By the end of the course you’ll know how to make profit WITH purpose; attract and retain engaged employees; solidify customer loyalty with those who align with your values and want to do business with you; stand out in your industry as an impact leader; and connect on a deep impactful level in your community.


Be Business 4 Social Good certified, and proudly display the badge on your website, in digital assets or in your brick and mortar space, when you have demonstrated social impact integration. 

Before enrolling in the Social Good Academy, I didn’t really see any connection for how I could create social impact in the realm of the work I do, but I was curious and willing to explore.  It wasn’t until we dived into the UN Sustainable Development Goals that I realized the alignment of a UN SDG with what I was doing, and then things started to click. ~ Heather Beaton, Heather Beaton Coaching Inc.  


The Social Good Academy is a 12 week step-by-step training program, delivered live, virtually, in small cohorts. Meeting weekly in a supportive, safe space to explore, define and create social purpose and social impact. Here’s what the modules contain:

Module 01. DEFINE Social Purpose

In this module, we first look inward to develop the ethos of your business, and the foundation from which your social impact roadmap is created. For a full description on why’s and how’s of social purpose, visit the Social Purpose page

Lesson 1:  How to define your values
Lesson 2:  How to discover your passions
Lesson 3:  How to connect to your purpose
Lesson 4:  How to unearth your vision
Lesson 5:  How to identify your social cause

Module 02. ALIGN Social Cause

in this second module, we help you look beyond yourself and examine the cause you’re passionate about, aligning it to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

We use the UN SDG’s as our guide. We take the global 30,000 ft view of your passionate cause and narrow it to a Canadian focus, as Business 4 Social Good solely focuses on Canadian businesses and Canadian charities and not-for-profits.

Module 03. ENGAGE Your Team

To create an engaged team of employees who believe in the vision and cause, and resonate with the why, the team must be brought in at this point.

We’ll show you how to share the work you’ve been doing to create the Social Purpose, and alignment. As a team, they will have a voice in the final selection of a chosen charity and commitment to a measurable social impact plan.

Module 04. AMPLIFY Your Story

In this module, the fun begins with storytelling and amplifying your impact.  We’ll show you how and give you tools to easily share your social impact, and of course putting the spotlight on the causes your impact is benefitting, sharing with stakeholders, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Module 05. EXPLORE Giving Models

In this module, we will explore, develop and integrate a social impact and giving plan. Through exploration of a variety of social impact frameworks and giving models, together we’ll determine the best fit for your business taking into account your business goals and Social Purpose.

Module 06. ACTIVATE Giving

In this module, we’re activating your giving model. In development is custom software designed to be easy and seamless for you and your business team. At a glance you will easily see your social impact, measure the results, see the benefit to your cause and how you’re measuring up against the UN SDG. You and your team will be fully trained and the social impact roadmap will be activated.

Module 07. MEASURE Impact

Measure social impactin our final module, we’ll demonstrate how to measure the impact of your social impact through an annual review and asking such questions as, “Does the impact and cause still have meaning? Does it still feel in alignment? If not why? Are my donations creating impact in the community and to the cause? We’ll give you the tools and processes to ensure your social impact is measurable and as remarkable as your business is!

What is yourimpact?


Become a Business for Good and help solve some of Canada’s most pressing social, environmental or economic challenges in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Develop knowledge and tools of how to make profit WITH purpose.


Inspire your employees with meaning and purpose beyond the pay cheque.


Solidify your customer loyalty by involving them in the impact.


Make a difference in your community and to Canadian non-profits, charities and organizations doing great work.


Be recognized in your industry and community as an impact leader.

The Social Good Academy program is structured in a way that helps learners build upon their learnings, while digging deep to uncover their raison d’être. No matter where you are on your social impact journey, this academy is a great place to start! The 12 weeks of learnings, the probing questions, the amazing group of women, the expertise of all of the presenters, and the scope of possibilities – were all truly amazing! ~ Lori Elder, BA, CTM, Dipl. PR.  Founder, PR4Good

Our current cohort is underway. Next cohort opens Fall 2022.

Have questions about the Academy, or want to see if it’s a fit for you?