Social Good Academy

Make your business a force for good, move beyond corporate philanthropy and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Social Good Academy

Unlock the social good your business can create and embed it into your company’s DNA, to become a purpose-led business creating real change on issues important to you!
Don’t know what cause is important to you? No problem, we’ll help you figure it out.

Twice a year, we open the Academy doors for live, virtual training. It is a live, virtual 12 week immersive training program, meeting weekly in an intimate cohort of trust and support with like-minded business owners. Together in a cohort of like-minded women, we’ll develop the social good for your business.

Our in-depth, end-to-end training is based on 5 pillars

1. Define Higher Purpose. This beefy module is the foundation for your impact work. Create the ethos for the business involving personal values, passions, personal purpose, impact story, business purpose,  and goals. Explore and develop a meaningful cause alignment, create a relationship with a non-profit/charity. Gain an understanding  and integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework.

2. Engage & Embed Purpose. Engage your team and embed business purpose.

3. Explore and Integrate Contribution Models. Through a discovery process, develop a contribution plan that is financially sustainable.

4. Amplify Cause & Impact Messaging. Learn ways and access tools to amplify and storytell your cause, non-profit and how you’re helping to solve the issue. 

5. Measure & Report. Learn impact measurement tools and impact reporting for an annual review process.

Some of our clients felt like this before the Academy …
Maybeyou do too?


Finding great employees is increasingly challenging. Acquiring, onboarding and retaining them is expensive. You wonder – Is there a better way?


You’re undecided about what cause your company can champion, and not sure what it’s important to care. 


You’ve heard about social good and think it’s a good concept but you want a simple, streamlined, cost effective strategy to implement it.


You have a giving heart and want to be able to say yes to the opportunities that fulfill your purpose and have the most impact.


You don’t know the difference between philanthropy and social good.


Younger employees are concerned about the environment and other social issues and want you to get involved, but you don’t know how it all aligns with your company.  


You’ve lost the spark for your business. You’re doubting if you have what it takes to keep going because you feel so out of alignment.


You want to Increase your profits but not sacrifice the purpose of why you started your business.


You’re looking for more meaning and purpose in your business.

When I started the Social Good Academy, I had no idea how I would connect the products and services of my visual storytelling business to create a social impact. I will never forget one day working on my Academy homework when my potential impact hit me, sending a chill of excitement and awareness through my body. 

Deborah LeFrank, Visual Life Stories

What do youget inside the Academy?

A complete roadmap to outline the impact your business will achieve. This is called Social Purpose and is your company’s north star and beacon for social change.

A Personal Purpose statement and a Business Purpose statement 

Clarity about your values, passions, and ‘why’ including your story so you can share it on your website, bios, and with your audiences.

A contribution plan that is viable and sustainable.

Knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and how your impact fits. 

Tools to engage your team, customers, stakeholders and community.

Solutions to amplify messaging for your cause and impact.

Strategies to measure impact.

A vision and commitment for the impact you have yet to envision, making it easy to say yes to opportunities that are in alignment with your impact roadmap.

Knowing you are part of the solution. You’re helping to solve some of our most pressing social, environmental or economic challenges.

Sisterhood & community in a small cohort of like-minded social entrepreneurs learning together, building trust and rapport and supporting each other in your social impact journey..

Recognition. Proudly display your Social Good Academy graduate badge and move toward becoming Business 4 Social Good certified.

Training support. We’re committed to ensuring your success. 

Confidence that you’re learning social impact best practices.


Small cohorts meet weekly for live, virtual step-by-step training

Define Higher Purpose

Develop the ethos of your business by inward reflection on what’s important to you (passions, values, and your ‘why’. You’ll define your personal purpose and business purpose. With expert guidance, we’ll explore the cause that fires your soul and what part of the problem you are uniquely positioned to work on. We bring in the Sustainable Development Goals to connect the cause with goals. Connecting a charitable partner is an essential piece to this work. Working with our brand storyteller, you’ll learn how to craft your story to share with internal and external audiences.

These elements build the Social Purpose for your business, If it sounds like a lot, it is! It’s nine weeks of the total training, but essential to lay a solid foundation for the rest of the building blocks in creating your social impact roadmap. 

Embed Purpose & Engage Team

Learn strategies to embed Business Purpose and engage your team, to bring them along in your social impact journey. This module covers human resource strategies for onboarding, training, systems and decision making

Explore Contribution Models

Explore a variety of social impact frameworks and contribution models to determine the best fit for your business. We’ll examine what you’re already doing, how you can augment or improve it, and look at the financial recording and reporting of financial, in-kind, service, and pro-bono contributions. You’ll gain a contribution plan that is viable and sustainable. 

Amplify Cause & Impact Messaging

Learn our storytelling formula for maximum authentic amplification to put the spotlight on the cause, the organization that is helping to solve the issue, and the impact you’re creating – so you can share with stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, customers, and the community. You’ll gain an impact messaging plan.

Measure Impact & Meaning

It’s not worth doing if it’s not measurable! Learn an impact measurement process to measure and evaluate the social impact pillars, and an annual strategy to measure both the impact for the charitable sector, and meaning for your company. You’ll gain an impact measurement plan.

As a solopreneur, the Social Good Academy was an amazing experience to be in the company of like-minded women from diverse backgrounds with a common spirit. I have tapped into my lifeblood, my creative expression, and have crystalized my path towards building my business with a strong social purpose. ~ Kim Holl, Stories Told On Film.

Academy enrollment includes:


Weekly live, online sessions for 12 weeks.


Step-by-step modules and lessons taught by Deb and Academy faculty. 


Office hours with our incredible instructional team throughout the course at key decision points to ensure your success.


Learning portal with workbook and all training materials so you’re prepared for each training session.


Access to recordings from learning lessons available on-demand.


Mini-course to craft your impact story so you can authentically share with employees, customers, suppliers, and the world.


Mini-course on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, lifetime access.


Your personal social impact roadmap to start creating impact today, tomorrow, and long into the future.


Private Facebook group to deepen relationships and share information between participants.


Sisterhood! One of the greatest benefits is your own community of social entrepreneurs learning together, building trust, rapport and support. 

I completed the Social Good Academy because I was looking for ways to have more social impact on my businesses. It was a game changer!

While I thought I understood social impact, the program deepened my knowledge. It gave me the perspective and tools to fully envision my impact, teaching me how to engage my communities in my two businesses and really bring it to life in tangible, meaningful ways.

The combination of exposure to dynamic female business owners and faculty educators who are thought leaders in their fields of expertise, means I have been exposed to a combination of people I would never have before.

Do yourself a favor and enroll in the Social Good Academy. 

Shaz Kozak, Elmtree Digital Marketing

You’ll graduate from the Academy with a roadmap to unlock social good creating real change to:

Make profit WITH purpose.

Be a champion on a community issue that’s important to you. 

Develop a partnership and align with a non-profit or charity that is working to solve the issue you are impassioned to help solve.

Contribute toward the Sustainable Development Goals and helping to solve the most pressing issues of our time. 

Attract and retain engaged employees by giving them meaning and purpose beyond their pay cheque.

Solidify customer loyalty with those who align with your values and want to do business with you.

Stand out in your industry as an impact leader by amplifying the cause you’re passionate about and how you’re positioned to help solve it.

Connect on a deep impactful level in your community by amplifying the organizations helping to solve the problem you’re impassioned to be part of. 

Meet the AcademyFaculty

Watch this interview with an Academy Graduate.

Become a social good company, save money
and increase profitability. 

According to a recent study, company’s spend an average of $4,129 in employee acquisition and onboarding costs. When employees find you and align with the company values these costs are significantly diminished.(Average from the Society of Human Resource Management)

Acquiring new customers is expensive! Save $10,000 plus in marketing to attract new customers, when you build brand loyalty with customers who align with company values and the good you’re doing.

Companies with a strong social purpose, that focus on making a profit with purpose, are 206% more profitable.

The Social Good Academy program is structured in a way that helps learners build upon their learnings, while digging deep to uncover their raison d’être. No matter where you are on your social impact journey, this academy is a great place to start! The weeks of learnings, the probing questions, the amazing group of women, the expertise of all of the presenters, and the scope of possibilities – were all truly amazing! ~ Lori Elder, BA, CTM, Dipl. PR.  Founder, PR4Good

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Social Good Academy Students
Money Back Guarantee

We know that the Academy training and supportive community will be a great fit for you, and for the impact you have yet to envision. If for any reason, the training is not what you expect in the first 30 days, we will refund your full tuition. 


Who is the Social Good Academy for?

I developed the SGA with two female business owners in mind.

A Millennial (Gen Y) owner who has experienced fast growth in her tech, fin-tech, manufacturing, or service-based company.

  • She may have some knowledge of social impact or the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but if not, that’s ok.
  • She’s struggling with increasing customer loyalty. 
  • Younger employees are informed about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and she doesn’t understand their importance to her company or her employees. 
  • She’s ready to be an impactful leader, to make a difference toward a cause she cares about (or wants to find one) on global or community issues.
  • She’s seeking more meaning and purpose in her company and is ready to stand for something and have it part of the company’s DNA.

A Gen X & Baby Boomer business owners who has a well-established business. 

  • She is seen as a community-centric company and receives a lot of donation & sponsorship requests, but feels a lack of meaning with donations. She doesn’t know what the organizations do with her contributions. 
  • She is not informed about the Sustainable Development Goals and wants to learn their importance and relation to her business. 
  • She’s seeking ways to have a more engaged workforce and build customer loyalty. 
  • She wants to have impact in her community. 
  • She wants to leave a legacy.
I don’t have an exact cause identified … will this help me find one?

Yes! Through our proprietary process, you’ll definitely land on a cause that completely resonates for you and your business.

I currently have a giving program but am struggling with figuring out the accounting surrounding it and how to actually measure outcomes. Will this be discussed?

Yes! Many of our students have realized that their tracking, reporting, and measuring can be improved and our faculty instructor who teaches this module is a certified accountant (CPA, CMA), so you can have confidence in the answers.

What is the time commitment?

Over 12 weeks, learners will need to commit 90 minutes for classes and approx 2 hours of classwork weekly to the program. We strongly recommend you set aside the time in your calendar, as this is an investment in yourself and your business.

How do I access the course?

The course materials and session recordings will all be accessible from a learning management system. Each student will have login credentials.

Are the sessions recorded?

Yes and will be loaded into the learning portal, so you can access them later.

I’m concerned about confidentiality. Are there safeguards in place?

Each participant must review and sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement upon onboarding into the program. Confidentiality is of utmost priority for us too! What is said in the Academy, stays in the Academy.

How much extra work is required beyond the scheduled training times?

Expect about 2 hours of classwork per week.

I have some travel planned during the course dates. Is that a problem?

the recording will be available for reviewing and course work. So go and have a great time.

What happens if I need to miss a session?

The richness is in showing up, however, if life happens and you can’t make it, the recordings are available and Deb is available to answer questions and get you back on track.

Why I Created the Academy For You

 I’m Deb Alcadinho, the founder of Business 4 Social Good and the creator of the Social Good Academy. After decades of owning businesses, working for companies and non-profits, being employed by government, and always having a philanthropic heart I realized i wanted to give in a more fulsome aligned way.

This realization came when I turned 50 and I felt like I was not living my purpose. I was asking myself important life and values questions – Who was I at more core? What was important to me? What did I stand for? I knew I wanted to have more of an impact on the issue of helping to solve violence against women, but I didn’t know how or where to start.  

Social good and conscious consumerism came on my radar, initially I thought, as a cool new marketing trend (I love marketing!) But it wasn’t long before I realized these concepts were not trends, and are here to stay. Consumers and employees alike are demanding social good from companies they work for and the brands they support. I spent almost a decade researching and learning. I knew this shift would be business-changing for companies if they adopted social good – the stats were stacking up with decades of research. The issues of our world and humanity are all outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, collectively we need to pay attention.

It also became apparent to me that other businesswomen, like me, are searching to make an impact on issues they care about but lacked the framework of how to fully integrate social good and do more than simply write a cheque. 

Recognizing a gap in the marketplace of a social impact training company for small and medium sized businesses, I researched social good best practices and put a framework together. And I curated a faculty of industry-leading professionals.

Today we bring the Social Good Academy to business owners just like you – who want to have a purposeful company, make an impact on community or world issues important to you, while inspiring your workforce and customers alike! 

I look forward to seeing you inside the Academy! ~ Deb xo

Have questions about the Academy? 

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