Gail Stepanik-Keber

Andrea Ting-Luz

Gail Stepanik-Keber, MA, ICD.D
& Founder of Triniti Solutions Inc.

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer

“I am a learning evangelist, repurposed c-suite executive, dedicated board member, business advisor, people coach, purpose enthusiast and oomph evangelist. I inspire individuals and businesses to articulate and design their purpose so that they will live, work and contribute with greater oomph and impact.”

Gail has over 35 years of executive experience as a marketer in Canada and Asia. A world traveller and lifelong learner, she holds a bachelor of commerce degree and a master’s degree in leadership and organizational development. Upon returning from a career in Malaysia as a managing director of a marketing communications company, Gail was introduced to the cooperative business model and joined the executive team at one of Canada’s largest credit unions.

For 21 years she incubated, developed, and led the functions of marketing, communications, corporate social responsibility, member experience, digital banking, product development, data science, innovation and purpose. This eventually led to Gail stepping into her own Oomph when she became the first Purpose and Innovation Officer for the credit union. Today her Oomph continues with the launch of Triniti Solutions. The WHY of Triniti is to leverage purpose and innovation for impact. 


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