We are a woman-owned social impact training and consulting company. We aspire to give vision and voice to Canadian female businesses, so you can ‘do well by doing good’. 

We specialize in working with Canadian female business owners to build a social purpose foundation and a social impact roadmap, working from a unified set of social impact standards, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, to help you:

be purpose driven

be a purpose-driven company

Do good

do good in your community

profit with purpose

make a profit with purpose

social impact

create social impact in Canada


Deb Alcadinho, Chief Impact Officer & Founder, Business 4 Social Good

Deb Alcadinho, Founder 
& Chief Impact Officer

“Quite simply, I want to make the world a better place, starting with Canada. Issues related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals exist in Canada, these are not developing nations problems, they are ours! There’s no better time than NOW to create impact in the lives of Canadians.”

More about Deb

I’m passionate about helping to create a better world – social impact is close to my heart.

As a business owner, I’ve always had a social impact integration in my business, long before I knew what social impact really was. I’ve been following the trend and conducting social impact research for the past decade. As a seasoned business owner, researcher, marketer, and course creator, I’m adept at putting my research into curriculum and as such have created life-changing social impact training, together with co-collaborators in Business 4 Social Good, Social Good Academy. Many of my professional career experiences have provided insight into all sides of the social impact equation. From working in non-profits to business, I’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) and where the social impact gaps are. As a community engagement officer and fundraiser, the need for financial and human resource management were very apparent. In a deeply-rooted community-focused business, making funding decisions for community support donation requests, highlighted the need for funding to many local and regional non-profits. My tenure as a board member and active member of a global service organization developing programs and services to support women and girls, illuminated the local and global needs. (I’d go on to co-found a BC registered society to parallel the work of the service organization).

My serial entrepreneurship started when I was ten years old as a little prairie girl. Raised to be fiercely independent and financially self-reliant, I took that to heart. In the four decades to follow, I’d own seven more small business ventures in a variety of business sectors, while raising a family of three boys and working full-time.

A sales and marketing graduate, decades of working in media and marketing, along with serial entrepreneurship, have provided perspective to help women lead their companies with impact using voice, vision, and heart.

I’m also the CEO of Westshore Women’s Business Network, a business organization in Victoria BC, Canada, serving businesswomen with connections, tools and resources to grow their business and build their network.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me in the forest or by the ocean, soaking up all nature’s gifts and bringing them to life in photography or on the dinner table gathering family or friends.

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer
Zahra Qureshi, CMA, CPA,
& Founder of Social Venture Circuit

“I am excited to support the vision for women entrepreneurs to grow their social impact and B4SG is growing a great initiative to make this a great sustainable strategic options for businesses. This aligns very well with the mission for Social Venture Circuit so we are thrilled to collaborate for the delivery of the program and learning from Deb, other facilitators and participants.”

More about Zahra

I started my career as a Chartered Professional Accountant, CMA. In 2018, I shifted my focus as an accountant to make financial concepts more accessible for early-stage entrepreneurs, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations by launching my own firm, Optinum Professional Corp. I help changemakers plan for sustainable cash flow and growing positive social impact.

In 2020, I founded Social Venture Circuit with the vision to build a community of social enterprises that could grow and learn together. As the leader of this community, I host an annual conference for changemakers in November, called Step Up. In addition, I am the community leader for Startup Social Enterprise, a Startup Canada community.

Zahra Qureshi, CMA, CPA
Andrea Ting-Luz

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer Andrea Ting-Luz, Brand Storyteller

“I endeavour to live my life in such a way that the light inside of me ignites the light inside of others. In my youth, I found my voice as an activist in the intersecting realms of environmentalism, feminism, and human rights advocacy. Today, as a seasoned copywriter, storyteller, and owner of Brand Your Bliss, I illuminate my clients’ distinct brand identities, creating custom crafted content for their websites, social media, newsletters, and blogs.

More about Andrea

I endeavour to live my life in such a way that the light inside of me ignites the light inside of others. In my youth, I found my voice as an activist in the intersecting realms of environmentalism, feminism, and human rights advocacy. As such, I exclusively pursued career opportunities with global organizations that positioned social good at their core, with the intention that I help change the world from within its walls.

I draw from over 25 years of customer service, team leadership, training, and entrepreneurship to teach others to find the light within themselves. As a seasoned copywriter, storyteller, and owner of Brand Your Bliss, I illuminate my clients’ distinct brand identities, creating “Custom Crafted Content” for their websites, social media, newsletters, and blogs. For clients with an abundance of creative energy but a limited budget, I teach them to “Craft Your Own Content” – an empowering 6-session course that starts with why and ends with a complete brand.

I also devote my energy to teaching yoga locally in Victoria, BC and internationally online, with the intention to spark the light of transformation within individual seekers.

www.brandyourbliss.ca | andrea@brandyourbliss.ca

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer
Gail Stepanik-Keber, MA, ICD.D
& Founder of Triniti Solutions Inc.

“I am a learning evangelist, repurposed c-suite executive, dedicated board member, business advisor, people coach, purpose enthusiast and oomph evangelist. I inspire individuals and businesses to articulate and design their purpose so that they will live, work and contribute with greater oomph and impact.”

More about Gail

Gail has over 35 years of executive experience as a marketer in Canada and Asia. A world traveller and lifelong learner, she holds a bachelor of commerce degree and a master’s degree in leadership and organizational development. Upon returning from a career in Malaysia as a managing director of a marketing communications company, Gail was introduced to the cooperative business model and joined the executive team at one of Canada’s largest credit unions. For 21 years she incubated, developed, and led the functions of marketing, communications, corporate social responsibility, member experience, digital banking, product development, data science, innovation and purpose. This eventually led to Gail stepping into her own Oomph when she became the first Purpose and Innovation Officer for the credit union. Today her Oomph continues with the launch of Triniti Solutions. The WHY of Triniti is to leverage purpose and innovation for impact. 


Zahra Qureshi, CMA, CPA
Andrea Ting-Luz

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer Nadine Hanchar,
Founder of the PEP Personality Profile System. 

As a Certified Counsellor, International Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Author and President of Progressive Edge Plus NLP lnc., I bring my breadth and depth of knowledge in personality profiling and the importance of operating from a values-based mindset to the B4SG training program. 

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