Nadine Hanchar

Andrea Ting-Luz

Nadine Hanchar,
Founder of the PEP Personality Profile System. 

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer

“As a Certified Counsellor, International Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Author and President of Progressive Edge Plus NLP lnc., I bring my breadth and depth of knowledge in personality profiling and the importance of operating from a values-based mindset to the Social Good Academy training program.”

As a certified counsellor in private practise, I specialize in working with relationship issues, communication for business teams or individuals, trauma and abuse. Instead of the client having to fit the therapeutic tool, I use an approach which can include many types of traditional and non-traditional methodologies therefore the therapy is designed to fit the client.

I developed The PEP Personality Process to provide incredible insights into ourselves and others, and how our processing styles affect our personalities, relationships, communication and life.

I’m excited to support the Social Good Academy and be on the faculty to teach the lesson on Values, as I believe it is such a vital component to creating social impact.

 Ready to start your social impact journey? 

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