There Is ‘Good’ at the Intersection of Purpose and Profit.

We help you define what impact looks like for your specific business, and embed it throughout your company.

Collaboratively, we provide the guidance you need to put people, planet and purpose at the core of your business while making a profit.

Our work is rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals framework so you can have confidence knowing you are part of the bigger solution. 

Our Social Impact Roadmap is based on5 pillars


Build Purpose.
Envision the impact and create the ethos for the business.
Gain an understanding  and integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so you have confidence your local impact is contributing to global impact.


Engage & Embed Purpose. Engage your team and embed business purpose.


Explore and Integrate Contribution Models. Through a discovery process, develop a financially sustainable contribution plan.


Amplify Cause & Impact Messaging. Learn ways and access tools to amplify and storytell your cause, non-profit and how you’re helping to solve the issue.


Measurement. Learn impact measurement tools and impact reporting.


An authentic Business Purpose (aka your business ethos).
This is your company’s reason for existing and your ‘why’ above and beyond making profit, so you can make Profit with Purpose.

This is a comprehensive foundational piece in our work together, forming the basis for the social impact roadmap.

You’ll uncover your core personal values, get clarity on the passions that light you up, create a personal purpose statement, create a business purpose statement, be able to clearly and authentically communicate your ‘why, and create your impact origin story. 

UN sdg'S

Connect to the Definitive Cause your business can champion and an alignment with a non-profit or charity.

Through our process of cause exploration, you’ll connect to the cause or issue that lights you up, one that your business can stand behind and raise awareness for. Then we help you align a non-profit or charity that’s working to solve the issue you care about. 

This piece includes gaining an understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals to help understand the issues of the world and connect to an issue in your community that resonates, and one that is in alignment with your values, business goals, and cause.   

Employee meaning

Clear Impact Messaging to distinctly communicate and engage internal audience (employees or subcontractors), and external audience (customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders, and the community).

You’ll gain tools and strategies to give employees meaning beyond their paycheque, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention, and easier acquisition; build customer loyalty with raving fans; and gain visibility in your community. 


A Contribution Plan that is viable and sustainable and one that fits with your company goals and objectives. 

Measure social impact

An Impact Measurement Plan to ensure targets are being met.

TTacking Canada's problem

You’ll gain an awareness and knowing that you are now part of the solution. Together we are tackling some of our most pressing social, environmental and humanitarian challenges, provide not-for-profits with consistent funding streams while helping your business benefit from increased revenue, profit, brand visibility, and employee retention.



The Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by 2030. These are the World’s To-Do List. 

Our work at Business 4 Social Good™️ is rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals. We find the framework helps our clients get their heads and hearts wrapped around issues in the world, often mirrored in our own communities. We start with the 30,000 ft view of world issues and then narrow the focus to land on an issue that resonates for you. 

Imagine what can be accomplished if we work together! 

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