We are a social purpose & social impact training and consulting company, to help your business become the vehicle for change
you envision.

We help you clearly and authentically define your company’s social purpose, its reason for existing. It’s your ‘why’ above and beyond making profit and is the foundation for your social impact roadmap. 

Profit with purpose

We help you create profit with purpose. With a strong ‘north star’ aka social purpose, you’ll know exactly how you operate as a purpose-driven company, creating profit with meaning and purpose. 

TTacking Canada's problem

Together, we tackle some of Canada’s most pressing social, environmental and humanitarian challenges, provide not-for-profits with consistent funding streams, while helping your business benefit from increased revenue, profit, brand visibility, and employee retention.

Employee engagement

We help you clearly communicate to your employees your vision and impact goals, giving them meaning beyond their pay cheque, resulting in increased engagement and retention.   

UN sdg'S

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our guide to help you create a social impact roadmap, which creates alignment for your vision, values, social purpose, cause connection, and business goals.   

Amplify social impact

We help you amplify messaging on the cause that lights you up to shine a spotlight on the not-for-profits working on the issue, and your contributions to make a difference

Measure social impact

We show you how to measure your impact to ensure targets are being met for you internally and externally.

Imagine what can be accomplished if we work together! 


At Business 4 Social Good we are motivated to use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as our guide. They provide a credible reference point for tackling Canada’s most pressing issues. In our Social Good Academy 12 week training program, we start with the 30,000 ft view for world issues and then narrow the focus for Canada. Almost every issue represented in the SDG’s are represented right here in Canada. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We’d love to work with you and get you started with your impact. We offer training courses, consultation and certification.

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