Andrea Ting-Luz

Andrea Ting-Luz

Andrea Ting-Luz, Brand Storyteller

Program Co-Collaborator & Trainer

“I endeavour to live my life in such a way that the light inside of me ignites the light inside of others. In my youth, I found my voice as an activist in the intersecting realms of environmentalism, feminism, and human rights advocacy.

Andrea Ting-Luz draws from over 25 years of customer service, team leadership, training, and entrepreneurship to teach others to find the light within themselves. She tells us, “As a seasoned copywriter, storyteller, and owner of Brand Your Bliss, I illuminate my clients’ distinct brand identities, creating “Custom Crafted Content” for their websites, social media, newsletters, and blogs. For clients with an abundance of creative energy but a limited budget, I teach them to “Craft Your Own Content” – an empowering 6-session course that starts with why and ends with a complete brand.

I also devote my energy to teaching yoga locally in Victoria, BC and internationally online, with the intention to spark the light of transformation within individual seekers.”

www.brandyourbliss.ca | andrea@brandyourbliss.ca

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