Become the changemaker you were meant to be!

Our gold-standard training courses help you envision the change you can make in the world, engage your employees & customers, embed purpose at the core of the business and across all levels of the business, develop a contribution plan, amplify messaging and measure impact. 

If you’re ready to be an impact leader and operate your business as a force for good, then train with us. 

We are Canada’s only social impact training and consulting company for women entrepreneurs. 

Social Good Academy

Social Good academy 

Social Purpose Playbook

Social purpose playbook

 The Social Good Academy is our 16-week course, delivered live, online, in a cohort of like-minded women entrepreneurs, where you’ll develop your company’s full Social Purpose and robust
Impact Roadmap. 

The Social Purpose Playbook is our 8-week course for solopreneurs, delivered live online in a small cohort of women entrepreneurs, to develop the ethos – the social purpose – for your business and get you started on your impact journey.

Sustainable Development Goals for Beginners

beginner’s guide to SDG’s

This introductory course is designed for the individual as an entry point to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Not sure where to start?

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