International Bestseller, Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World

Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World

An Amazon #1 International Bestseller!  This anthology contains chapters from 45 contributing women around the globe that will both inspire and give pause to the reader. The authors share their personal transformations, some through struggles and challenges, others through triumphs and celebrations. They courageously challenge the status quo, bring light to once-dark topics, and introduce new ways of thinking. I’m honored to be a contributing author in this powerful book.

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If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the world, then this book is for you! Woven throughout each woman’s story is a roadmap and inspiration for all who have the courage to transform their life, and in doing so, transform the world. Each story reminds us of what is possible when you heed the clarion call within. Stories to nourish the soul.

~ Kim Holl

What a wonderful book I particularly liked the chapter “Soul-Lights Shining Brightly” because it represents so many of my clients and so much of what I want to do in the world to make a difference. Deb Alcadinho really lays it out well. I truly recommend this book for all of its wonderful stories.

~ Nadine Hanchar

About Deb’s Chapter 

Soul-lights Shining Brightly.

Deb shares a glimpse into her past and reveals details that shaped the person she is today. She offers insight and encouragement for others who have experienced violence and a way forward.

Through sheer determination and a belief that she was put on this earth for a greater purpose, Deb shares how she reframed the story of her past in order to not only survive but thrive.

“When I heard the name of the book: “Women Transforming the World”, I not only heard the words, but I FELT the words in my body. I knew I had to be in this book. Now is the perfect time to tell my story”.

“We all have the power to change the world (or our little corner of it). I believe everyone deserves to have their soul light shining brightly, free from exploitation and violence, so they can live a life of full potential.”

Deb explains how social good came to her awareness, and how she’s living social impact in her business today, inspiring and teaching other purpose-led businesses to do the same.

“I AM a woman transforming the world.”

Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World PRE-ORDER

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This book is full of big ideas and little ideas that can change the world. Deb Alcadinho is actioning an immense idea – that putting social impact at the core of a business will create a better bottom line and lift up humanity and our world. Wow.

~ Suzanne Heron & Dolf Schoenmakers

What an inspiring book! How often does one have the chance to hear the personal and professional stories from multiple inspiring women all in one place! These women have shared important lessons from their heart and soul. I’m grateful to each one.

~ Laureen Nowland-Card

Deb Alcadinho, Amazon International Bestselling Author

About Deb

Deb Alcadinho is a social entrepreneur with more than forty years of experience launching for-profit ventures.

She is a social impact specialist, speaker, educator, consultant, and international best-selling author.

Deb founded Business 4 Social Good™️ as a ground breaking social impact training and consulting company for purpose-led businesses to increase their impact and make social change. She created the curriculum for the Social Good Academy™️ and the Social Purpose Playbook™️, two training programs to help business owners use their ventures as agents of change. 

In addition to leading training programs and working one-on-one with businesses, she presents guest lecturers on social impact and innovation at the leading universities and colleges across Canada. Deb is a member of the Faculty at The Forum and a mentor with a number of women’s entrepreneurial organizations in Canada,

Deb is a sought-after public speaker, social impact trainer, and an international bestselling author.  She lives near Victoria, BC, Canada.

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I absolutely loved the stories told in the book. It’s amazing how we, women, have so much in common in your struggles, growth, challenges, and aspirations. Throughout the book, I had many moments when I could relate to the feelings of the storyteller. My fave ones are “Soul-Lights Shining Brightly” by Deb Alcadinho and “Firing the Imposter” by Susan Isaac. Highly recommend it to all women as a reminder of our powers in transforming the world, and our ability to shine!

~ Valeria Westra

I have the privilege of knowing several of the wonderful women authors in this book – it was a pleasure to read their stories. I was impressed and inspired with all they have overcome to get to where they are today, and with how they have helped uplift others along their journey. This book is a great reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we’re not alone, and we have the strength and resilience to overcome them.

~ J. Selby

Business 4 Social Good

We work with purpose-led women entrepreneurs to deepen their purpose and impact, and change the world using their business as a force for good. 

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