Consulting for purpose-driven businesses

Becoming a social impact business is a journey. We work with you collaboratively and guide you every step of the way to identify the impact you desire and help you get there. This involves you learning and implementing aka rolling up your sleeves and doing the work. We are partners in your impact and business success! 

Impact Activator

Your impact strategy starts here!

For businesses who know what impact they want to create OR are new to social impact. Either way, our in-depth interview and assessment will unpack where you’re at with impact and where you want to go. We’ll dive into business areas including:

  • Company ethos, purpose, and goals
  • Cause alignment
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Engagement with employees and customers
  • Contribution models
  • Impact messaging
  • Impact measurement & reporting

You’ll receive an impact report delivered within 7 days that clearly identifies your roadmap for where your focus, time and resources are best utilized.

$997 CAD

If you’re interested in exploring this for your business, then the next step is to book a no-obligation free discovery call. 

Continuing on your impact journey, we’ll guide you in the Impact Design and Implementation phases.


The design phase provides space to envision your impact. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.to become a purpose-led business creating real change on issues important to you.


Defining the company’s higher purpose is vital to ignite action.

In a one-day workshop, we’ll ask the right questions to unearth the reason you exist beyond making money and uncover the impact you’re dreaming of.


Engaging your team accelerates impact.

In a one-day immersive workshop we involve your team in fun, engaging activities to build their impact fluency and unleash new insights and ideas. 


Exploring contribution models ensures financial viability. 

In a half-day session we’ll investigate models to determine the best fit for your business, and our finance team will work with your team to ensure it’s viable and sustainable. 


Now that you’ve defined the desired impact goals we’ll guide and walk alongside you to implement and bring it to life through the next three modules continuing to be a partner in your success. 


Aligning your cause with the world’s to do list and non-profit partners.

In a two-day workshop we map cause and outcomes to find the perfect partners, while understanding the relationship to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to bring your impact to life in meaningful ways. 


Amplifying cause and impact messaging engages your customers and employees.

In a one-day workshop we delve into strategy and access tools to amplify your cause, partnerships, and how you’re helping to solve the issue to bring authentic engagement to all stakeholders. 


Impact measurement and reporting is essential to transparency.

In a half-day session we demonstrate best-practices on measurement and reporting, providing tools and resources for ease to help you reach your impact goals and performance. 

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