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One hour Impact Activator™️ (below)

Established Businesses

Download: Social Impact Assessment

Two hour Impact Activator™️ (below)

Stay in community with like-minded early social entrepreneurs to hone your Social Purpose by joining our membership.

Stay in community with like-minded social entrepreneurs to continue to move your social impact forward by joining our membership.

Later in your journey, enroll in the Social Good Academy training program to layer in the tools to engage your team, amplify messaging, define a contribution plan, and measure impact.

After you have implemented social good best practices and are demonstrating impact, apply to become Certified as a Business 4 Social Good.

Consulting for purpose-driven businesses

Impact Activator™️

An assessment session to investigate where you’re at with impact and where you want to go.
One hour $250 |  Two hour $500

Marketing Message Activator™️

Two hours together to dive into your current marketing and I’ll determine how you can communicate your impact messaging better and connect more authentically with your ideal audience.

Human Resources Activator™️

 Two hours together to discuss how to better engage and retain current employees, and acquire new employees who align with your purpose and impact.

At the core of our work is this Social Impact Framework


to help you become a purpose-driven company by defining your social purpose. We call your Social Purpose your Heartbeat. It’s your reason for existing, why you do what you do, and the cause or issue you align with.


to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as your guide, so your company plays a key role in helping to solve some of our most pressing social or environmental challenges. And in turn, supporting not-for-profits or charities are aligned with the cause you’re helping to solve.


to create your social impact roadmap by providing you with all the tools to implement social impact in your company, baked-in to your company DNA, so everyone knows it, feels it and sees it – from employees to customers, stakeholders, suppliers and the community.

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