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Interview with Keen Alignment

by Jun 22, 2023As Seen In, Sustainable Development Goals, UN SDGs

A Deeper Look at the Intersection of Women’s Issues and Sustainable Development Goals with Deb Alcadinho and Margaret Graziano

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Margaret Graziano of WORKLiberated, where we explored the intersection of women’s issues and sustainable development goals. It was an engaging conversation that touched on many important aspects of sustainable development and how it can help address issues like poverty and gender inequality. In this blog post, I’ll share some highlights from our chat and encourage you to listen to the full podcast here.

During the interview, I shared my insights on the key role that business owners can play in achieving sustainable development goals. As the founder of Business 4 Social Good, my mission is to help entrepreneurs balance people, planet, purpose, and profit, operating as a force for good. Our work is rooted in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which were created in 2015 as the world’s to-do list for a better future.

One of the main topics we discussed was the importance of businesses having a clear purpose and understanding their social impact. When business owners know their values, purpose, and why they exist, it drives everything they do moving forward. This leads to attracting top talent, building customer loyalty, and contributing to solving pressing social and environmental issues.

Margaret shared her own experience with her company, KeenAlignment, which focuses on helping CEOs operate and live in alignment with their biggest vision, calling, and values. She asked how Business 4 Social Good could help her deepen her company’s impact and stand out as a leader in her industry. I explained that our approach would involve deepening her company’s sense of purpose, differentiating her brand, and helping her experience growth while contributing to solving pressing issues in the world.

The conversation also touched on conscious capitalism and how businesses can support sustainable development efforts that benefit women and the broader community. It’s clear that the issues we face today cannot be solved by government and philanthropy alone – businesses have a crucial role to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

I invite you to listen to our full conversation on the WORKLiberated podcast and gain a deeper understanding of the critical intersection between sustainable development and women’s rights. I hope you’ll be inspired to take action towards building resilient communities where we can live, work, and play.

Deb Alcadinho, Chief Impact Officer & Founder, Business 4 Social Good

Author: Deb Alcadinho

Deb Alcadinho is the Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Business 4 Social Good, and the Founder of The Social Good Academy. She’s a social impact trainer and consultant to female business owners who want to move beyond CSR and philanthropy, and position social good at the heart of their business.

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