Welcome to the Social Impact Assessment, a transformative tool designed to gauge and elevate your company’s contributions to the world. You are taking a proactive step towards understanding and enhancing the positive difference your business will make, in your community or around the world.

This assessment will provide valuable insights, including employee and customer engagement, enabling you to align your company with meaningful social initiatives, strengthen community relationships, and pave the way for sustainable, impactful change.

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Deb Alcadinho, Founder, Chief Impact Officer

I’m on a mission to make the world a better place, using business as a force for change!

I assist businesses in identifying a cause they are passionate about, forming partnerships to help solve the issue, and establishing a sustainable framework and roadmap for profitability that positively impacts the company, employees, clients, community, and the global environment.

I’m honored to help you work toward making impact with your business. Enjoy this resource! 

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