10 Actions to Help Tackle Climate Change

Our lifestyle choices matter if we are to tackle climate change.

Creating change starts with an understanding of our personal impact and your effort to tackle climate change is no different. Whether you’re exploring the Sustainable Development Goals for your personal knowledge or business application, this is an easy guide to start putting things in perspective.

The handy resource highlights small changes we can make in our daily lives that can have a big impact.

Download this FREE resource and learn 10 ways that you can tackle climate change:

⭐ Ways to be more energy efficient

⭐ Tips to be more aware of food waste 

⭐ How to be wiser with transportation choices

⭐ Suggestions on how to speak up and advocate for climate change with policy makers

Deb Alcadinho, Founder, Chief Impact Officer

I’m on a mission to help female business owners like you, increase your profits with more meaning and purpose so you can have impact on community or world issues you care about. If climate change is top of mind for you, you’ll appreciate this handy resource. 

I’m honored to help you work toward making impact with business, be a force for good and make a profit with purpose. Enjoy the resource! 

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