Our Proven 4-Step Path to Find the Cause Your Business Can Champion.

Do you ever wonder how your single impact can make a difference?

Desiring to make an impact in your community or the world can feel like a big task. This workbook will guide you through 4 steps to help define a cause and get clear on the specific parts of the problem you can champion. Get ready to be a changemaker!

The exercises can be completed by yourself if you’re a solopreneur, or with your team in a larger business.

Download this FREE guide and get:

⭐ Clarity on your WHY

⭐ Probing questions about the causes in your community or the world that light you up, make you mad or sad

⭐ Discovery into the contributing factors of the issue you feel compelled to solve 

⭐ Connection to the difference you want to make in the lives of others or on the planet

By going through the 4 step proven process I was able to identify my social cause simply and easily.  This tool was so helpful.  I learned a lot through this process and my business was changed. 

Shaz Kozak

Elmtree Digital Media

Deb Alcadinho, Founder

In my own quest to make a measurable difference on the issue of violence against women, I discovered other businesswomen wanted to take action on issues they cared about, but like me, didn’t know how or where to start. My search for a company to teach an end-to-end framework for social impact training revealed a gap in the market. Using my vast experience in government, non-profit, community organizations, global service organizations, decades of entrepreneurship, and years of social impact research, I created Business 4 Social Good.

I’m on a mission to help female business owners like you, increase your profits with more meaning and purpose so you can have impact on community or world issues you care about. 

Maybe you don’t know what that cause or issue is yet. That’s ok. 

I’m honored to help you discover the social cause you and your business can get behind. Enjoy the guide! 

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