Do you wish there was a way to future-proof your business and thrive in today’s rapidly changing purpose-driven economy?

Introducing the

Conscious Business Playbook

Where Savvy Business Owners come to align people, profit, and planet without having to choose one over the other.

If you’re a BUSINESS OWNER OR LEADER and you find yourself saying “I want to measure success not just by profits, but by the positive impact my business has on society” – then this program is for you.

The Conscious Business Playbook is Everything You Need to Succeed!

Four Dynamic Workshops

We will start with a Purpose & Impact workshop to create a powerful purpose-driven foundation, including your personal purpose, business purpose, and social cause. 
Workshop #2 tackles Leadership Skills, Workshop #3 digs into Stakeholder Integration (throughout your value chain), and Workshop #4 uncovers How to Create a Purpose-based Culture using Conscious Leadership skills that ensure you meet all your stakeholders needs and have a strategic plan for responsive change in every key element of your business.

Four Accountability Sessions

Share your progress weekly with your peers so that you can both learn from their challenges and wins and so that you are more motivated to maintain forward momentum.

Plus A Complete Toolkit That Includes

A workbook to support your learning that provides a long-term resource; connection within a private community of like-minded individuals; and a safe and encouraging space to bounce ideas.

+ Bonuses!



Let’s face facts:

😳 Your leadership is the number #1 tool you have to transform your business into one where purpose, profit and people co-exist. 

😳 Some days it feels like you’re walking a tightrope, the balance is tricky, and you find yourself saying, “It’s always a struggle to find the right balance between making a profit and having a positive impact on society.”  What if you could finally build a values-driven business that reflects your higher purpose?

😳 What would it mean to you if you could focus everyone in your value chain, from employees to suppliers to investors, on one common goal?

😳  You want to integrate your purpose into every aspect of your business, from people to operations to marketing – but getting started is overwhelming. What if there is a framework to follow to make it achievable?

😳 What if you could put people and purpose at the heart of your business and still be competitive?

😳 What if you could build a conscious culture that entices and empowers your team to make impact.


It would be TRANSFORMATIONAL and you could work to achieve your purpose every single day.

It isn’t always easy.

Some days……

You feel stuck,

and not achieving the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit like you want.

Or even worse, you are feeling near burn-out so you can’t even get started.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

And how do we know this?

Because we, (that’s us Aileen & Deb) know how hard it is being the leader of a business. We know that with 7million other priorities, it can be tough creating the impact you want! #understatement.

That is why we have taken our combined 50 years of business leadership experience and our deep knowledge of social impact, conscious leadership, consumer behaviour and social purpose and infused all of that into one solution – the Conscious Business Playbook.

It is the roadmap to creating consistent and sustainable change in your business to transform your business into one where people, profit and purpose are aligned.

This has arrived at such an important time in our world’s evolution. Empowering, guiding, and celebrating more female entrepreneurs on how to use their businesses as platforms for social good!. The knowledge, depth of insight and dedication to helping purpose-driven female founders achieve profit with purpose is contagious. And the tools that have been developed will undoubtedly help accelerate this movement forward.  

~ Gloria Stewart, Creative Strategist and Entrepreneur

The Conscious Business Playbook Will Transform Your Business. It’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment!

What’s Inside the

Step 1

Purpose & Impact
Workshop #1

In this Bootcamp, we’ll lay your personal foundation for the Conscious Business Blueprint. An important step to connect to The Power of Your Personal Purpose, Define Your North Star, and Unearth the Higher Purpose and Greater Good for your business so you can:

⚡Experience higher personal purpose. 

⚡Become more confident in your direction, decision-making, and ability to both set and reach your impact goals

⚡Reconnect and re-engage with your business – no more burnout

⚡Galvanize the direction of your business and supercharge your impact (and profit)

⚡Become the role model for purpose within your business – creating more connections with your customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Value $997

Step 2

Conscious Leadership Workshop #2

In this workshop, you will focus on implementation strategies for your new leadership style which means that you will be able to infuse your skills into all levels of your business.

We will share our blueprint to Conscious Business Leadership, so you can be the purpose leader not only in your business but in your industry.  You will:

💪 Create an environment that nurtures growth, values input, and supports development to facilitate higher levels of engagement from team members.

💪Stand Out.  You’ll uncover how to prioritize people and planet in your operation operations, decision-making processes, and initiatives and differentiate your company from the competition.

💪 Make a real impact within the organization and beyond through sustainable practices, community involvement, and supporting advocacy organizations.

Value $697

Step 3

Stakeholder Integration Workshop #3

It’s time to stop focusing on your Shareholders and turn them into Stakeholders.

You will build a Stakeholder Map and put in place strategies to engage them in a deeper and more meaningful way.

By implementing your Stakeholder Map, you will create a positive ripple effect throughout the organization – from employees to suppliers and investors – leading to greater engagement and buy-in from all, resulting in increased long-term success and sustainability.

Value $697

Step 4

Culture DNA
Workshop #4

In this workshop you will focus on your team and design your ideal company culture.

You will come away with an onboarding plan, training strategy and decision making framework so that

👉 All employees are aligned with your purpose goals and expectations


👉 Have the tools needed for efficient collaboration and problem-solving.

Value $697

Step 5

Four Accountability Sessions

Our extensive experience has proven that accountability sessions do just what they promise – create accountability and ACTION!

We’ve embedded four accountability sessions with structured support into our program so that you:

💡 Receive and share advice and guidance from your fellow business leaders

💡 Honour the commitments you make to yourself and your business

💡 Become more confident through community and collaboration

💡 Develop your ideas and plans through collective brainstorming

💡 Create long-lasting relationships with your fellow students so that you can continue to maintain accountability long after the program has ended

Value $997

Step 6

Graduation Ceremony

We know that celebrating your accomplishments is essential to your success.

That’s why we organize a unique Graduation Ceremony, where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your progress and present your newfound knowledge, learnings, and insights to the group.  


PLUS the Blueprint and the Community will get you to success faster!

Conscious Business Blueprint

The Conscious Business Blueprint (aka your  workbook) will support you as you plan your learning and path to get up and running as a Conscious Business.

It includes all lesson materials expertly facilitated by our two instructors, with engaging individual and group exercises, statistics (because who doesn’t love a few good stats), and a dose of inspiration along the way.

Conscious Connection

You already know that business leadership is an amazing journey filled with numerous highs, (as well as some challenging lows) along the way.

But what if there was a community of like-minded, passionate individuals who could relate to your experiences while providing unwavering support and encouragement through every step of the journey?

That’s what the PRIVATE Conscious Business Playbook Facebook community is all about!

By joining this vibrant and supportive and exclusive community, you’ll gain access to fellow visionaries who understand your triumphs as well as your struggles. It’s a safe space to share your ideas, fears, and personal challenges with others who can empathize and offer sound solutions so that you can delight in everything that entrepreneurship has to offer.


Bonus 1

Conscious Business
Baseline Assessment

Focus your energy and measure your progress on your conscious business journey with the Baseline Assessment.  You may even choose to complete it multiple times to measure your progress.

You’ll have a greater understanding of the principles of Conscious Business and you can score yourself and your business on each of the four principles to gain an understanding of where you’re at in evolving your business.

Bonus 2

1:1 Sales Coaching Clinic

You can have the best ‘purpose’ but if you can’t sell your service or product, then you are nowhere. In this 30-minute session with Aileen, drawing on her sales expertise, she will help you review client attraction, differentiation, and sales strategies, ensuring your sales calls and discussions are on point and focused.

Value $197

Bonus 3

1:1 Purpose Session

A 30-minute individual session with Deb after completion of the Purpose & Impact Kickoff Workshop, to nail down your personalized personal purpose or business purpose statement ensuring you have a solid foundation for the conscious business blueprint.

Value $197

When You Add it All Up, That’s a Total Real World Value of $4,480

But because we are super excited to welcome you into the world of Conscious Business, you have the opportunity to ENROLL TODAY for just … $1,897 or 3 equal payments of $700.

Check Out Your 9-week Roadmap Here

Here’s what our client’s have to say about working with us to change their business:

“She is a genius when it comes to nailing down your value proposition, customer journey and experience.

In one afternoon she turned my business model inside out and improved it to the point that based on what I invested with her, I have already seen a four hundred percent increase in sales”

Yosef Ewing, Founder

“Her knowledge and insight have added so much value in driving the Business Development strategy forwards, with determination to keep the momentum and get results!”

Heidi Cranfield, Founder

“She has been a vital part of our business development process over the last six months, doing a thorough discovery and evaluation before creating a roadmap and timeline with regular accountability sessions to measure process and re-evaluate as the business landscape shifts around us.” 

Vikki Bruce, Founder

“While I thought I had an understanding of social impact, the program deepened my knowledge and gave me the perspective and tools to fully envision my impact, teaching me how to engage my communities in my two businesses and really bring it to life in tangible, meaningful ways.”

Shannon Kozak, Founder


Are you thinking, “This sounds amazing – but I’m still not 100% sure”? 

👉 Keep Reading! 👈

You should enroll in Conscious Business Playbook, if any of the following speak to your heart …

⭐ You are a business leader and you want to build a community of changemakers … together you will make a bigger difference.

⭐ You are ready to put ethics at the core of your business … and ensure your investors, suppliers, and customers are all on board.

⭐ You no longer want to put in maximum effort … for minimal impact results. 

⭐ You are tired of … putting profit above purpose.

⭐ You believe your business has the power to make a difference in the world.

Can I mark you down as a “HECK YA?”

Start the Conscious Business Playbook today to support your goals, help more people, put purpose equal to profit, and set you up for long term success


Hi there! I am Aileen Boyle, Founder of Fortro (you can find me right here on LinkedIn)

Why am I the right person to be helping you maximize the long-term value of your company and its potential as a positive force?

You don’t need me to tell you there has been a seismic shift in how we approach business, but I am glad, because it meant that I could share my natural way of doing things, my passion for uncovering possible futures of the business world.

I have spent my entire career writing, speaking and working with founders to create and differentiate their offer to their market, achieve hyper-growth, superior sales performance.  And what I’ve learned is that every business interaction is an opportunity to learn and that curiosity is the path to rapid learning.

I also learned that we all need to be part of the solution: see what is missing in the world as an invitation to be the change that is needed.  The economic world needs us to communicate and transact differently. Come be part of that change.

Hi there! I am Deb Alcadinho, Founder of Business 4 Social Good. I’d love to connect on LinkedIn.

So why am I the right person to help you on your Conscious Business journey? 

With over forty years of business experience and launching eight for-profit ventures, having been employed in government and non-profit, I’ve seen it all. The good, bad and ugly of business. And I’ve spent the last decade diving deep into social impact research and learning. Frustrated that I couldn’t find an end-to-end framework for business owners to learn how to transform their business into a force for good, I created it. Business 4 Social Good was born in 2020 and our flagship training program called the Social Good Academy. 

It’s time for a better way of doing business – one with impact and heart – where people, planet, and purpose coexist. I work with women entrepreneurs to Define Purpose, Create Impact, and Change the World.

Learn how to use your business as a force for good in this transformative Conscious Business Playbook.

Still got questions?

What if I can't make the first lesson?

No problem. Sign up anyway, because you’ll get the workbook, and the lesson recording, and access to the Facebook group. You’ll be able to catch up and complete your homework. And we’ll review the lesson in the accountability group session as well.

What's the schedule? And how many hours every week do I need to commit to get awesome results?

It’s a 9 week program running from May 3 to June 29.  You can find the detailed schedule here.

We meet once a week for one to two hours in a group learning session.  On top of that, you will want to commit some time to integrate the learning and building your leadership skills.  But that part is self -paced implementation program, meaning you can work as many or as few hours as your schedule allows.

A good rule of thumb would be two hours per week for the *classroom*, and another 2-3 putting your learnings into action for the 9 weeks.

(I promise you, it will take MUCH longer if you spend that time in “figuring-it-out” mode).

But here’s the thing…

As you’ll find, the Conscious Business Playbook is designed for rapid implementation and sustainable momentum.

Meaning, as you stack up the wins and start waking up with renewed purpose every morning…

You’ll WANT to keep going.

You’ll WANT to make it the first thing you jump into after your epic morning routine.

Because as you’ll soon see, this isn’t a chore when you know exactly what you need to be doing to get amazing results without any wasted effort.

It’s actually one of the most fun and satisfying things you can do in your business.

Is this for beginners? What if I don't really know my business mission or values?

The Conscious Business Playbook is a foundational program. It is for new entrepreneurs or seasoned business owners, applicable at any stage of your business. So whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in your business, there’s something to be learned for anyone. The Kickoff Bootcamp in particular will help you gain clarity on your mission, values, vision, purpose pieces. .

I really want to dive in - but I'm afraid I'll get overwhelmed and lose focus.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Our lessons are easy to follow and you have our expert instruction and facilitation to keep you on track, in our live online lessons. And this is specifically why we designed the accountability and review sessions every other week, to eliminate overwhelm, and keep you focused. We’re here to support you as well. 

What's the return policy? What if I don't get the results I am anticipating?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. We provide a 15-day money-back guarantee for the Program.

If after you complete the Kickoff Bootcamp and the first Leadership workshop, and can show us that you’ve gone through the steps, did the work, and still don’t feel that you have a solid conscious business foundation in place, then reach out within the first 15 days to get 100% of your investment back.

Terms and conditions apply, so for our full return policy, please refer to our return policy here.

How much time do I have to access the program?

You have 6 months of access.

What happens if I miss a class?

It’s always best to show up live, but we know life happens. Sessions will be recorded and shared. 

The Conscious Business credo: “Conscious businesses will help evolve our world so that billions of people can flourish, leading lives infused with passion, purpose, love, and creativity; a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity, and compassion.”

Now is the time to transform your business into a powerful force for creating positive change.

We are waiting for you!

ENROLL with two payment options.

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